Fantastic finish for the Animal Defence Academy !

The finish on the Animal Defence Academy is fantastic. Their are over 500 horses housed at the barracks in Melton Mowbrey so the surface has to withstand some serious work. The barracks choice after some advice from our sales team  was our Cushion Track surface which has been tried and tested and proven to be great on busy equestrian centres.

The barracks have had the top couple of inches of tired surface removed. Once this was removed the bottom couple of inches of surface was power harrowed and aerated to bring some life and energy back into the surface. Following this the the arenas were topped up with new CUSHION TRACK surface, for a fantastic finish.

Classic Dressage go for Sound Track indoors !

Classic Dressage who work closely with Hughes Dressage have opted for the SOUNDTRACK in their brand new indoor school.

After previously working with Classic Dressage for the installations of all their arenas they decided that the Soundtrack surface was the way forward for their indoor school, after it working so well for Hughes Dressage. Equestrian Surfaces laid the 232 tonnes  of surface in the indoor arena over a 3 day period to allow for training to commence on the Friday morning.

We are proud of the continued support from Julia of Classic Dressage who has worked with Equestrian Surfaces for the last 12 years for all her arenas, and continues to support us today, where all her future elite dressage horses train. Last year we installed the fantastic state of the art outdoor arena on a grid system which has received noting but praise !

Huge dig to have a beautifully completed 60m x 30m arena with ECONOMY TRACK !

A beautifully completed 60m x 30m outdoor arena in the South West coast required a huge 8metre excavation works, to allow for a levelled area to begin the installation.

The arena was a full build from start to finish, including full post and rail fencing a tarmac driveway and then completed with our ECONOMY TRACK surface. They needed 330 tonnes of the Economy Tack surface to allowed for the standard 5 inch depth throughout the arena.

The finish on the arena is to the highest standard and we worked with the client from start to finish throughout the build and planning stages.

College of West Anglia gets refurbishment of Cushion Track ….

College of West Anglia gets a bright new refurbishment of Cushion Track for the new year and new students ! A new term starts and to kick things off the equestrian centre gets a fantastic new surface. The indoor arena looks great with the new CUSHION TRACK surface which has been installed following the removal of the old existing surface. Good luck to all current and existing students and we wish you well in your new ventures ……


Sophie Wells Mbe crowned Equestrian of the Year……..

Congratulations to Sophie Wells who has been crowned Equestrian of the Year at HOYS 2017 . She is the first Para to ever win it, and is hugely proud to be recognised within the sport…

“Such a massive honour to receive the Equestrian of The Year Trophy at Horse of the Year Show last night ! First para to win it, so I challenged them to a small Para demo in the future to showcase Para sport in this country! You never know….
Very humbled at reading the past award winners of this trophy ”

We are proud to work with Sophie and continue to share her journey and dreams . Sophie trains all her horses on our Cushion Track surface which was updated last year and she hasn’t looked back, with her string of horses going from strength to strength.

Boyton Hall relaunches following resurfacing ………………………….

Boyton Hall of Ipswich, Suffolk relaunches, and showcases some of the best facilities in the area.

This fab equestrian centre is set to boost some of the best facilities around and will house two outstanding outdoor arenas, an indoor and 40 stables .

Both the outdoor arenas have been re surfaced with our Cushion Track Premier surface, which is a blend of multi washed silica sand, stabilising fibres and coated with a high temp wax, it is the highest grade of our waxed surfaces and is ideal for all disciplines and competition use.

We wish all at Boyton Hall the best of luck in their new venture ……….

Our surface is literally amazing ………………

Emma / Lynn Scott choose SOUNDTRACK  for the renovation of their outdoor arena. Emma & Lynn Scott put alot of time and effort into there show horses so this year decided to upgrade their outdoor arena:

“Our surface is literally amazing! Not sure how we managed before! Equestrian Surfaces come highly recommended” 

Following the change in surface Emma has won the Supreme of show at the CHAPS final. The SOUNDTRACK surface will allow Emma to continue her training regimes all year as this surface can boost being frost resistant, and will that consistency her horses will continue to blossom .  

Richmond Equestrian Centre opts for Economy Track

Richmond Equestrian Centre have renovated their indoor arenas choosing our ECONOMY TRACK surface. Equestrian Surfaces are proud to be working with yet another leading equestrian centre within the UK, whose facilities boast the best in Yorkshire, and now our Economy Track surface is in each of the indoor arenas.

The Economy Track surface is a unique blend of multi washed silica sand and economy stabilising fibre, and with their indoor watering system this surface will ride fantastic, and has already had huge praise from numerous people who have used the centre from pony club to show jumping. 

Ben ‘Yehboi’ Hobday joins forces with Equestrian Surfaces Ltd

Ben Hobday moves bases and sets up a fantastic new facility which would be every riders dream! The surface of choice for this huge 60m x 40m outdoor arena was our white multi washed silica sand along with our Economy stabilising fibres. This surface option is laid separately with the sand first & then the stabilising fibre on top, then completed by being power harrowed to incorporate the two to complete one fantastic environmentally friendly surface.

This surface is moisture dependent but our current climate and with maintenance the surface rides fantastic and the horses love it, and performs for both flat and jumping .

If its good enough for Hobday its good enough for you ! 


Mick Appleby Racing Install 1 mile all weather gallop

Mick Appleby Racing choose Cushion Track as their surface of choice for their new state of the art racing facility. The new facility boasts a fantastic 1 mile undulated gallop sporting our Cushion Track, which has been built for strength and fitness.

We are proud to be associated with this talented trainer whose main goal is the welfare and safety of the horse which is why our BHA approved surface is ideal for the job.

Mick has had huge success this year with his string of horses continuing to grow, we wish him all the luck and success for the future.