Michael Whittaker chooses Equestrian Surfaces


The refurbishment of the riding surface on the 40m x 91m arena at Michael Whittakers yard have been complete.

Works involved rotavating the existing surface which had become dry after only 2 years and installing 300 tonnes of Cushion Track Premier throughout the arena.

The advantage of doing this is that the surface doesn’t require constant irrigation to perform.

We look forward to hearing progress on the surface performance over the coming months/years

Addington Manor upgrade to Cushion Track


After a long week, we have completed the refurbishment of the international arena at Addington.

1539 tonnes of Cushion Track Premier has been installed and is already receiving rave reviews. Cushion Track Premier is our premium competition surface fit for all disciplines and widely used around the world.

This is another arena refurbished with Cushion Track at Addington with plans to change all other arenas in the coming 12 months.

Brilliant work from the team yet again

New 60m x 20m Arena in Preston


Works are complete on a new 60m x 20m outdoor riding arena with Economy Track surface in Preston.

As you can see from the photos, the arena has been constructed with retaining board fencing with post and rail fencing set back. We have installed Gabion Walls around the top sides of the arena to retain the banking and not lose to much of the adjoining paddock.

There has then been a walkway installed from the riding arena to the stable block to ensure the horse always remains on a sure footing.

The surface of choice for this arena was Economy Track, which is a blend of a high grade silica sand premixed with our own manufactured synthetic fibres. This surface is a non-waxed surface which with irrigation with provide a secure and cushioned footing for all disciplines.

Great job by our installation team and another happy customer.


Because everything we do is ridden on by you


What an outstanding week Equestrian Surfaces clients have had. Starting at Somerford park for the Premier league.

On Saturday the Eilberg’s had a great day with Michael gaining a 2nd in the INT I with 73.95% and a 2nd in the INT II with 71.71%. Maria Eilberg wasn’t far behind with a 3rd on 71.23%. Matt Frost of AM Dressage came 5th with 69.30% and Sophie Wells MBE coming 6th with 68.86%

In the 5 year old class Hayley Colwell of Astrid Bolton Sports Horses can 3rd with Halantha.

Followed was the Pre St George with Sophie Wells MBE gaining a 2nd with 71.40%, Jess Roisin Dunn 3rd with 68.51% and Becky Moody of Moody Dressage 4th with 68.51%

Sunday was another successful day for Sophie Wells MBE and Maria Eilberg in the INT I with a 3rd for Sophie on 71.54% and 4th for Maria with 71.40%. In the Grand Prix Becky Moody had a fantastic win with 71.08% and Ulrick Molgaard 2nd with 70.80% and Michael Eilberg 3rd with 70.60%.

Finally to finish such a great weekend on Monday Jess Roisin Dunn came 2nd with 72.94% in the Pre St George. In the Grand Prix Special Becky Moody Won with 71.86% and Michael Eilberg with a very close 2nd on 71.31%. In the Ad.Medium Michael Eilberg came 2nd with 70.70% and Hannah Moody 3rd with 69.39%.

Not only have our dressage clients had such an amazing week but Alex Hua Tian is currently lying in 7th Place after the dressage at Wiesbaden in Germany and Mary King MBE is lying 9th place after the dressage at Tattersalls.

Stephen Lahoar of Lahoar Sports Horses is currently at Northcote Manor for the Young Horse Festival and has already gained a 4th in the 6 year olds class and won the 1.30m class.

Mick Appleby Racing just keeps adding to their wins for this season with another win at Catterick with Viewpoint.




Kingswood Equestrian Centre

Surface upgrade for Kingswood Equestrian Centre 

We are currently working at Kingswood Equestrian Centre where we are upgrading the indoor and outdoor arenas.

The surfaces will be upgraded to our Soundtrack. This surface is made up of multi washed silica sand, environmentally approved stabilising fibres and a unique blend of wax coating.

Soundtrack has been specifically developed to cater for a variety of disciplines. It has been designed to promote soundness in horses. With the hectic training regimes we put on our horses, this surface allows for a huge reduction in injuries and lameness.

All systems go…..

Over the past few weeks our installations teams have been very busy at different sites across the country.

One team headed to Great Yarmouth to extend an existing 43m x 50m to a 60m x 40m outdoor arena and to supply and install 485 tonnes of multi washed silica sand and 18 bales of stabilising fibres.

The other team headed down the M65 to a site in Preston to create a new 60m x 40m outdoor arena and to supply and install 240 tonnes of EconomyTrack.

Both of these surfaces are made up of multi washed silica sand and environmentally approved stabilising fibres. The stabilising fibres will maximise the life span of the surface and will need irrigation through prolonged dry periods.

Another team headed to Kilmarnock to Kinkell Equestrian, where we have supplied and installed 360 tonnes of Soundtrack. Soundtrack is our most recently developed surface. The surface features multi washed silica sand, environmentally approved stabilising fibres, all blended with a high performance wax to give the ultimate comfort for both horse and rider.

We had a team also head to Blackpool to where we supplied 87 tonnes of Waxtrack. Waxtrack is our lowest waxed surface but has all the benefits of a waxed surface.



Equestrian surfaces head to Scotland

Equestrian Surfaces head to Scotland.

We have recently completed works at Howe Country Centre in Scotland.

Our team has undergone works to replace the upper membrane and supply and install 480 tonnes of Cushion Track surface.

Cushion Track is the perfect surface for competition centres, requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring consistent footing 365 days a year in varying weather conditions.

As you can see from the final pictures, yet another fantastic job complete by our installations team.



Equestrian Surfaces install first synthetic track in South Korea

Another week, another part of the world! This week we headed to South Korea where our installations team will be installing a 660m x 4m gallop which is in conjunction with the Korean Racing Authority, this will be the first race track in South Korea.

Prior to us arriving we have advised the client on the correct preparations for a level platform for us to begin the works . We have installed a drainage system, provided clean stone and membrane to prepare the area for 635 tonnes of Cushion Track Premier. To finish we will install gallop railing to the inside and outside of the gallop.

The team will then carry out works to the 50m x 30m outdoor arena, where we will remove the existing surface, install a new drainage system, clean stone and membrane. To then supply and install 299 tonnes of Cushion Track Premier.

Cushion Track premier has a proven track record of being our leading waxed surface which is made up of multi washed silica sand, environmentally approved stabilising fibres with a unique wax coating. This surface is designed to perform in all weather conditions enabling 365 days training.



Prestigious show centre upgrades to Cushion Track

Prestigious show centre upgrades to Cushion Track

We have had a very exciting week this week as it saw our installations team start the works to Arena UK.

The installations team started works to their signature 120m x 90m and the newly extended 80m x 60m outdoor arenas. The arenas will be stripped of the old surface as to then lift the membrane. The stone will be re-levelled ready for the new membrane to be installed and then around 1,400 tonnes of Cushion Track Premier.

Cushion Track Premier is our leading waxed surface, which is made up of multi washed silica sand and our specifically designed stabilising fibres with a unique wax coating. This surface is designed to with stand a vast amount of foot fall in all weather conditions.

The works are due to complete at the end of the month, just in time for the 2017 season.




Maintenance is key to improve life expectance of your arena

Maintenance is key to improve the life expectancy of your arena surface


This week we have been busy undergoing preventative maintenance works for Moody dressage, Matt Frost & Adam Kemp at AM dressage along with Gareth and Rebecca Hughes.

Preventative maintenance can be undertaken in many different ways, some of which include lifting and relaying the surface, harrowing or aerating the surface, re-levelling and depth checking the levels and topping up the surface if necessary. Following our preventive maintenance plan will ensure your surface performs to its optimum all year round and increases the longevity of the product.

Undergoing weekly maintenance will also increase the life span of your surface for instance grading your surface once a week will help to keep the surface from compacting. Even daily maintenance such as picking up horses droppings will prevent the surface being contaminated and therefore will enhance the performance of your surface and prolong its lifespan.

If you look after your surface, your surface will look after you.