Classic Dressage go for Sound Track indoors !

Classic Dressage who work closely with Hughes Dressage have opted for the SOUNDTRACK in their brand new indoor school.

After previously working with Classic Dressage for the installations of all their arenas they decided that the Soundtrack surface was the way forward for their indoor school, after it working so well for Hughes Dressage. Equestrian Surfaces laid the 232 tonnes  of surface in the indoor arena over a 3 day period to allow for training to commence on the Friday morning.

We are proud of the continued support from Julia of Classic Dressage who has worked with Equestrian Surfaces for the last 12 years for all her arenas, and continues to support us today, where all her future elite dressage horses train. Last year we installed the fantastic state of the art outdoor arena on a grid system which has received noting but praise !