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Governing the way we work for over 35 years.

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At Equestrian Surfaces, our work is governed by a commitment to quality; in the surfaces and products we manufacture, in the working environment we uphold for our employees, and in the level of service we provide to our customers.

We value our clients and our staff in equal measure, and we’re proud to employ a team of experienced professionals, all of whom are equally passionate about keeping our clients happy and delivering an exceptional level of service.

  • Trust & honesty

    Trust & honesty

    We’re proud to be a company which empowers and trusts our team members to be open, honest, and respectful of other people’s opinions and decisions.

  • Happiness


    To us, employee happiness means openness, togetherness, sharing and being considerate, upholding our values with regular team bonding exercises, an open-floor culture, and valuing employees over profit.

  • Open Communication

    Open Communication

    Remaining sensitive to the needs of our employees is the only way we will continue to succeed and progress. Each of our team members should feel that their opinions always matter, and we welcome thoughts, ideas, questions and queries from everyone.

  • Health & wellbeing

    Health & wellbeing

    As a company, we pride ourselves on offering maximum support for the physical and mental health needs of all of our employees, encouraging a positive work-life balance and bringing in additional support from outside of the company if needed.

  • Creativity


    We aim to create an environment that embraces innovation and continuous improvement, driven by bold ideas and outside-the-box thinking.

  • Collaboration


    We believe that the best way to provide the best possible service to our customers is by working together. It’s important that we each value the opinions of others, and that every employee recognises their contribution to the team and acknowledges their own responsibility in decisions, while remaining committed to sharing the vision of the company.

  • Humour


    We’re proud of the culture we’ve created in the workplace. The building is filled with the sounds of laughter and enjoyment, and we’ve taken efforts to ensure our working spaces can be somewhere that people enjoy spending their time. We enjoy laughing together while always respecting each other’s boundaries.

Where it all began

Our history


The company was set up as Pally Plant by our founder, Paul Harper.

The business expanded to incorporate Equestrian Surfaces Ltd.




We won our first equestrian client, who required our team to excavate his site for an outdoor horse arena. This was our first outdoor arena construction job, where we laid a sand and rubber surface.

We began to manufacture our own pre-mixed surfaces at our facility in Lancashire. Arti Turf was our first non-waxed, pre-mixed surface, and Cushion Track Classic was our first waxed surface, and one of the first waxed surfaces available in the UK market. Cushion Track Classic remains to be our signature surface, and is still a favourite with clients across the globe.


Mixing facility


The time was right to make the move to a new mixing facility in Padiham, Lancashire.

We set up a second mixing facility in Wiltshire to provide pre-mixed surfaces for customers in the South of England.




We were commissioned to provide surfaces for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, and we set up a third mixing facility in Windsor in order to see this achieved.

We won a 5-year contract to provide the surfaces for both Horse of the Year Show and the British National Show.



Our partner company, Equestrian Surfaces Ireland Ltd., was set up.

We won our first international contract - a track and arena in Dubai.




We purchased our new manufacturing facility for producing synthetic fibres, based in Burnley.

20,000 tonnes of our Cushion Track Racing surface, produced at our facility in Burnley, were shipped over to Hollywood Park Racecourse in the U.S.A..


Hollywood Park
Santa Anita


Our specialist team travelled over to Santa Anita Racecourse in the U.S.A. to mix 20,000 tonnes of surface on site.

We won a contract for Sunshine Coast Turf Club in Australia, where our team mixed all 12,000 tonnes of Cushion Track Racing surface on site, before supervising the installation over a 9-month turnkey operation.


Sunshine Coast Turf Club


We gained approval from the Environmental Agency in the ‘End of Waste’ test for the synthetic fibres used in our equine surfaces.

We were awarded the BS EN ISO9001 accreditation for the manufacture, supply and installation of synthetic riding surfaces.


Addington Outdoor


Our surfaces were laid at the prestigious Addington Equestrian Centre.

The 7,200 sq. m. outdoor arena and all-weather cross-country jumps at David Broome Event Centre in Wales were surfaced by our team.


David Broome


We relocated our mixing facility and moved to our present site at Arclid Hall in Cheshire.

We surfaced (and attended) the Liverpool International Horse Show, carrying out essential maintenance works throughout the event to ensure the surface was kept consistent for every competitor.


British Showjumping National Training Centre


We became the official surface provider for the British Showjumping National Training Centre, which functioned as the training venue for several equestrian Olympic competitors, including Team GB, in the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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