How to Maintain Your Equestrian Surface

How to Maintain Your Equestrian Surface

A high-performance surface is every equestrian’s dream, no matter the discipline they work within. But in order to keep your surface, and your horse, at an optimal performance level, regular maintenance is key.

Different types of surface require different levels and methods of maintenance, but it’s important to remember that all types of surface require a regular maintenance routine. Starting your maintenance as soon as your surface has been laid is the best way to protect your investment and ensure its longevity.

The maintenance routine you adopt will be dependent upon a number of factors, including the type of surface you have (i.e. waxed or non-waxed), the purpose and regularity of use, and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor surface.



How to maintain a waxed surface

Waxed surfaces are a popular choice for busy equestrian centres and schools which can expect a lot of heavy footfall on a regular basis. The wax within the surface’s composition not only ensures that the surface is more durable, but it also bears binding and adhesive qualities which will help to keep your surface dust-free. Waxed surfaces are also popular due to their ability to adapt well to changes in climate, and for their ease of maintenance, requiring little to no irrigation.

Although easier to maintain than a non-waxed surface, waxed surfaces still require a regular maintenance routine in order to ensure they continue to perform well. If a waxed surface is not properly maintained, it’s put under the risk of becoming over-compacted. Allowing your surface to become too compacted will reduce its shock-absorbance levels, leaving your horse more vulnerable to injury. And, though waxed surfaces may be more resilient to frost, an over-compacted surface is also more likely to retain moisture, making it more susceptible to freezing when temperatures are low.

Regular grading will help to prevent your surface from becoming too compacted and will ensure high levels of shock absorption, support, and energy return are retained. You will want to keep your surface light and even in order to provide a steady and supportive footing for your horse.

In winter months, when there is naturally more moisture in the air and more regular rainfall, you should try to grade your surface slightly deeper than usual. This will help to drain any excess moisture out of your surface and leave it less susceptible to freezing.



How to maintain a non-waxed surface

Non-waxed surfaces, such as mixed sand and fibre, offer a low-cost alternative, providing a more economical option without compromising on quality or performance. With no wax content in their makeup they do, however, have increased maintenance requirements.

Non-waxed (also referred to as ‘dry’) surfaces are likely to be affected more by changes in climate, so it’s important to be prepared for an increase in your maintenance routine when the climate is especially hot and dry, or cold and wet.

Regular irrigation and grading will be required, particularly in dry weather, to manage the moisture levels within the surface and keep it performing at its best. In winter, you should try to grade your surface last thing at night, after riders are done for the day, and first thing in the morning, before a horse even steps hoof into the arena! This will help to ensure your surface is more resistant to frost or freezing over in cold temperatures. Applying an arena cover may also be helpful, as this will provide your surface with an additional layer of insulation and increased protection from the elements. If your arena will be exposed to freezing temperatures for the majority of the year, it may also be an option to add equine rubber to your surface, which will create an insulating, frost-resistant barrier between your horse and the frozen sand beneath.



How to maintain a surface in winter

Winter is arguably the most difficult time of the year when it comes to maintaining your arena surface. Winter brings us reduced hours of daylight, cold weather, heavy rain, sleet, snow, gale-force winds and freezing ice – all of which makes us want to hibernate indoors and eat stodgy, hot food. However, in the interest of ensuring the longevity of your surface, it’s important to commit to a regular maintenance regime year-round, even in the coldest, wettest climes!


Can I ride in snow?

The short answer is yes, you can. However, you will need to remove any snow before grading your surface. Riding on or grading your surface with snow, even a small amount, can cause long-term damage in terms of its composition and consistency, so it’s important to remove all snow from your surface before you do anything else. If this isn’t an option, wait for it to thaw out before grading.



When it comes to surface maintenance, the earlier you can introduce a regime, the better. Operating a daily maintenance programme in the first few months will allow you to become familiar with your surface and how it is affected by different weathers. It will also allow you to learn the impact of horses’ hooves on your surface, and to monitor areas that are prone to heavier footfall and therefore more wear, such as the entrances, tracks and the centre line.


We offer a range of Trackmaster surface graders available in different sizes, including 1.5m, 2.3m and custom built. We can even match the colour of your grader to your other maintenance equipment. Get in touch to find out more about our graders and the maintenance packages that we offer, or click here to see our surface range.  

Huge All-Weather Equestrian Surfaces Arena for David Broome Event Centre

Huge All-Weather Equestrian Surfaces Arena for David Broome Event Centre

At Equestrian Surfaces, we’re pleased to have received good reports from happy riders who have been practicing and eventing at the David Broome Event Centre in Caldicot, Wales.

After opening on Saturday 6th April 2019, the 100m x 72m synthetic all-weather surface was christened by the competitors of the unaffiliated junior winter league finals, and has since been used by many happy jumpers, who have praised the new arena.

The space is big enough to accommodate two good-sized rings, and will even be able to incorporate a third, should it be needed, in busy training periods.

With an increased versatility, along with the additional riding space that has now been afforded by the new arena, the centre was encouraged towards plans to install new facilities and obstacles, including a Derby Bank, Devil’s Dyke and Table, which have all now been completed.


State-of-the-art Technology

The NAF-sponsored Magic All-Weather Arena at the David Broome Event Centre has been constructed with Equestrian Surfaces’ “Ebb & Flow” system, which is a computer-controlled system with the ability to affect and maintain the moisture content within the surface, allowing for year-round use even in adverse weather conditions.

On top of a high-tech moisture control system sits a surface comprised of a unique blend of Redhill sand and environmentally-approved synthetic fibres. The “Premier Track” is a bespoke, high-performance surface which has been designed with stability, support and practicality in mind, requiring minimal maintenance due to its robust make-up and hardwearing qualities.


Space for Development  

David Broome commented: “It’s a two-way relationship. It is all about giving something back to the riders and it’s nice for people to see we are investing their money wisely. It’s nice for them to be able to come back each year and see something new. It’s always good to see progress.”

We are ISO 9001 Accredited!

We are ISO 9001 Accredited!

Equestrian Surfaces Ltd are pleased to have retained ISO 9001 Accredited status!

Following a recent surveillance visit, a lead assessor found that our system continues to meet ISO 9001 standards for the manufacture, supply and installation of all-weather riding surfaces for equestrian use.

Achieving this accreditation means that our products and services have met the requirements for surface manufacture within the industry, guaranteeing the best quality of surface for our customers.


What is ISO 9001 certification?

ISO 9001 sets the international standards against which all quality management systems (QMS) are measured. Outlining strict requirements, the certification provides proof of an organisation’s ability to meet customer and regulatory requirements and maintain consistency in the products and services that they offer.


About Equestrian Surfaces Ltd

We manufacture…

At Equestrian Surfaces, we have always valued innovation and striven to remain at the forefront of the industry. In our 35 years of business, our product range has developed over time alongside the needs of horses and riders of all disciplines, and our passion for product innovation and development has made an impact on the surface industry.

Renowned across the world for both the range and the quality of the products on offer, we are the only company to manufacture our own equestrian surfaces in-house in the UK, with the capacity to ship and install worldwide.

Dedicated to maintaining consistency throughout all of our surfaces, we have invested in top-of-the-range computer systems which guarantee the highest degree of accuracy in the manufacturing process. Every grain of sand and thread of fibre that forms the content of each surface is meticulously monitored, offering very little room for variance or error and enabling us to have complete control over the content and quality of the final product.


We supply…

From Equestrian Surfaces, you can expect a tailored service suited to your needs, preferences and budget.

All of our riding surfaces can be purchased on a supply-only basis, allowing you the freedom to manage your project in your own way. We have years of experience with working alongside independent contractors and will always be flexible where we can to help your project glide through to completion with as little hassle as possible.

We like to offer customers complete freedom over the logistics of their project. With this in mind, you can opt to have your materials delivered straight to your site, or you are welcome to arrange your own haulage service to collect your materials from our UK warehouse.


We install…

If your project involves the refurbishment of an existing arena or surface for renewed performance, our teams are on hand to ensure every stage of the process goes smoothly.

Whether you’d like to fit a brand-new surface or simply ‘top-up’ your existing surface with our highly-rated blend of silica sand and fibres, we can guarantee you will feel and notice a difference straight away.

With a vast portfolio of clients from around the globe, the installation teams at Equestrian Surfaces are both highly skilled and extremely professional, carrying out all work with accuracy and efficiency to the highest degree.


Contact us today to find out more about the range of products and services that we offer.

Works completed at CC Stud, Sweden

God kväll alla

As you all know, Equestrian Surfaces Ltd are a global company. This time we are reporting in from Sweden where we are refurbishing our 10yr old Cushion Track indoor surface at CC Stud.

CC Stud is a professional centre for Breeding and training of horses up to Grand Prix level and is renowned in the Sweden as having some of the best facilities in the county.

The surface in this beautiful 66m x 32m Indoor Arena was needing some work after 10 years. The top surface which has been contaminated through usage has been removed with 225 tonnes of new surface laid across the top. What a stunning arena to be able to train in each day.

Best of luck to Magnus and the team.


Starting stripping the old Cushion Track surfaceStripping surface of the Cushion Track from Indoor ArenaTipping of new surface in Indoor ArenaIndoor Cushion Track - Surface Finished


Annual maintenance at Eilberg Dressage puts the sprig back in the horses steps !

Annual maintenance has taken place at the home of Eilberg dressage, where the hugely talented Michael and Maria train under the watchful eye of Ferdi.

Both indoor/ outdoor and turnout pens house our CUSHION TRACK surface. The maintenance takes place annually to make sure these dressage super stars are training on the very best.

For information on any of our maintenance packages please contact the office. 

Fabulous Feedback for Cushion Track @ Boyton Hall

Last year we were lucky enough to work with a new facility in the South West who were set for big things, and through working tirelessly they have achieved great feedback from British Dressage on their facilities and their superb surfaces which are founder surface CUSHION TRACK CLASSIC.

This feed back speaks for itself but Boyton Hall also commented and here is what they had to say

Boyton Hall Monks Eleigh Our surfaces are perfect thank you!! They have coped with all weather thrown at us this season from sub zero to tropical ” 

Duchy College have a refurb !

Duchy College in the heart of Cornwall opt for Equestrian Surfaces for the refurbishment, and the end result looks great.

The old tired surface was firstly power harrowed allow it to be easier to lift, once lifted and airated it was re laid and topped up with a small amount of Cushion Track to bring life back into the older surface which over time has had a lot of use and footfall.

Doing these slight refurbishments to the indoor arena will increase the longivity of the surface. Maintenance of any arena is key .


Outdoor arena looking superb in Scotland

Private yard in Scotland build a fantastic Equestrian facility to rival any .

Currently the outdoor arena is completed where they have chosen to surface with a  multi washed slice sand and stabilising fibre, the finish is superb. Following this they will also be surfacing an indoor arena with Cushion Track and using the Eco Grid system for walkways .


Arena Refurbishment using Stabilising Fibres

Recently completed refurbishment on a 20m x 60m outdoor arena. The arena was tired and feeling old, after visiting the site the team decided the most economical and logical way to fix the problem was to incorporate 100 tonnes of new multi washed silica sand, and install 12 bales of stabilising fibre .

The arena still had a usable surface which was used for the base of the bottom layer of the arena, this will have been levelled prior to the new sand being added.

The before and after shots are super as they show what a real difference, and the tired, old arena is now new, full of energy and immediately ready for use.


For another year we supported the ever successful Shire Horse Show. This show runs for 3 days highlighting the best of the breed within the UK .

The show opens its doors on the Friday but we begin the makeover of the indoor area at Staffordshire show ground on the Monday, installing the fencing and 609 tonnes of our CUSHION TRACK surface. Then once the show completes on the Sunday we begin immediately in the break down.

The surface of choice is the CUSHION TRACK, this is down to the durability and that under testing conditions it always remains the same and gives the perfect footing for horse, rider and carriage drivers