Fabulous Feedback for Cushion Track @ Boyton Hall

Last year we were lucky enough to work with a new facility in the South West who were set for big things, and through working tirelessly they have achieved great feedback from British Dressage on their facilities and their superb surfaces which are founder surface CUSHION TRACK CLASSIC.

This feed back speaks for itself but Boyton Hall also commented and here is what they had to say

Boyton Hall Monks Eleigh Our surfaces are perfect thank you!! They have coped with all weather thrown at us this season from sub zero to tropical ” 

Duchy College have a refurb !

Duchy College in the heart of Cornwall opt for Equestrian Surfaces for the refurbishment, and the end result looks great.

The old tired surface was firstly power harrowed allow it to be easier to lift, once lifted and airated it was re laid and topped up with a small amount of Cushion Track to bring life back into the older surface which over time has had a lot of use and footfall.

Doing these slight refurbishments to the indoor arena will increase the longivity of the surface. Maintenance of any arena is key .


Outdoor arena looking superb in Scotland

Private yard in Scotland build a fantastic Equestrian facility to rival any .

Currently the outdoor arena is completed where they have chosen to surface with a  multi washed slice sand and stabilising fibre, the finish is superb. Following this they will also be surfacing an indoor arena with Cushion Track and using the Eco Grid system for walkways .


Arena Refurbishment using Stabilising Fibres

Recently completed refurbishment on a 20m x 60m outdoor arena. The arena was tired and feeling old, after visiting the site the team decided the most economical and logical way to fix the problem was to incorporate 100 tonnes of new multi washed silica sand, and install 12 bales of stabilising fibre .

The arena still had a usable surface which was used for the base of the bottom layer of the arena, this will have been levelled prior to the new sand being added.

The before and after shots are super as they show what a real difference, and the tired, old arena is now new, full of energy and immediately ready for use.


For another year we supported the ever successful Shire Horse Show. This show runs for 3 days highlighting the best of the breed within the UK .

The show opens its doors on the Friday but we begin the makeover of the indoor area at Staffordshire show ground on the Monday, installing the fencing and 609 tonnes of our CUSHION TRACK surface. Then once the show completes on the Sunday we begin immediately in the break down.

The surface of choice is the CUSHION TRACK, this is down to the durability and that under testing conditions it always remains the same and gives the perfect footing for horse, rider and carriage drivers 

ARENA UK has annual maintenance

Arena UK being one of the largest and busiest equestrian centres within the UK has annual maintenance which is preformed by our installation teams. During the maintenance our teams bring the track back within the arena, following this the surface is aerated using a stone burier. This equipment lifts and turns the surface allowing air to be incorporated within the surface. This allows for the energy be returned and the surface will ride as good as new .

The benefits of a maintenance scheme are many, but will increase the lifespan of the surface as well as allowing us to check the surface is in full working order and you are gaining the best from your chosen surface.

We offer a range of maintenance plans dependant on Budget / Surface and arena type. 

Beautiful finish on two arenas in Sweden

Our team have recently completed the works at Christina Lund Dressage in Sweden. This fantastic facility has both indoor and outdoor arenas.

The indoor arena has been surfaced with 340 tonnes of our SOUNDTRACK surface. This surface comes highly recommended and boast a unique blend of both stabilising fibres and wax to give the perfect energy and cushioning affect whilst schooling your horses.

We then went back on a separate occasion to complete the outdoor arena as the works were ongoing. The outdoor has had her original CUSHION TRACK surface re eyed from the old arena. The surface is in great condition as it has been maintained perfectly throughout the years. With the surface being lifted and relayed it has allowed it to be aerated and the energy has been returned almost making it look brand new .


Kirkton Equestrian

New facility Kirkton Equestrian, the new base for Douglas Duffin Showjumping install a brand new indoor school.

The facilities are second to none, and within the newly built 60m x 40m indoor arena the team opted for our CUSHION TRACK CLASSIC. Douglas has always trained his horses on Equestrian Surfaces surfaces, so wanted to continue to use surfaces he trusted, as his string of horses continue to grow and gain their fantastic results.

The arena and surface looks superb, and we wish Kirkton Equestrian, Douglas and the whole team the best of luck with their new venture.


Maxsted Massey Stud

Maxted Massey Stud is based in the heart of Cambridgeshire and now can boost the best facilities around. From start to finish the time and effort that has been installed into this project has been immense, from initial ideas to plans to the first dig we have been there every step of the way and are thrilled with the final results. This fantastic facility has the following;

* With a 60m x 30m outdoor with kickboard fencing
* 20m x 48m indoor arena with bespoke boarding and gates
* 15m x diameter close board fenced lunge pen built on the EquiGrids – Equine Surface Solutions system .
*Numerous adjoining walkways around the facility
* Both ridden arenas are surfaced with SOUNDTRACK surface & the lunge pen with our CUSHION TRACK CLASSIC


Woodbridge & District RDA choose Equestrian Surfaces Ltd

Woodbridge & District RDA opt for the SOUNDTRACK Surface

What a great week, and what a privileged to be associated with the great things that Woodbridge & District RDA are doing.

This branch has overcome huge amounts and has built this working base from scratch and is achieving great things for the community, our sales representative Ben Hester was lucky enough to attend the open day where HRH Princess Royal visited in person where she officially opened the centre.

We wish them all the luck in the future with their SOUNDTRACK surface, which will work for the many disciplines they plan to take place.