Which is the best surface for me?

In order to make a recommendation on the best surface for you, we would initially ask a series of questions to determine which discipline the surface will be used for, how regularly it will be used and by how many horses, before using all of this information to provide you with recommendations from our range. We’d then leave the final decision up to you!

Which of your surfaces is the longest lasting?

At Equestrian Surfaces Ltd, we understand that the purchase of a new surface is a substantial investment to make, which is why our surfaces have been designed with longevity in mind.

With the correct maintenance and aftercare, a riding surface will last for many years. We have clients who have been able to enjoy an Equestrian Surfaces surface for 18+ years.

Committing to a regular maintenance routine is the key to keeping your surface performing well, and can also help to increase its lifespan. We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance packages which include annual site visits, assessments, and surface treatments such as power harrowing, surface lift & re-lay, or surface top-ups. Speak to a member of our team for further information.

Which surface would you recommend?

Our recommendations will be based on a number of factors, including the discipline the surface is used for, the degree of footfall on the surface each day, whether it will be located indoors or outdoors, and the budget for the project.

As each of our clients has different expectations and requirements, we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure that your surface of choice is going to be suitable for your specific usage and meets your needs.

How long will it take to lay a surface?

The length of time allocated to a project will usually be dependent upon its size. As a basic guide, a standard 40m x 20m arena surface would take approximately 3-4 days to lay.

Do your surfaces require irrigation?

Our surface range features two key types of surface - waxed and non-waxed.

Wax coated surfaces are an excellent option for those looking for reduced responsibilities when it comes to surface maintenance, as they tend not to dry out during the warmer months, and are more resistant to frost during the winter.

Non-waxed surfaces need moisture to assist with the binding, and to ensure they continue to offer a consistent footing and level of performance. Ideal for outdoor arenas, when it rains the water is absorbed into the surface components, and this helps support the surface.

During spells of dry weather, you may experience some separation in the top layers of a non-waxed surface. In order to combat this, we recommend installing a watering system or using sprinklers during the summer months to ensure the surface retains the right level of moisture.

Do any of your surfaces require no maintenance?

There are no maintenance-free riding surfaces. Using the correct maintenance equipment and following our daily and annual maintenance recommendations is paramount to ensuring the longevity and successful performance of your surface.

Is there anywhere I can try out a surface?

We have supplied and installed our surfaces for a number of equestrian centres and private clients around the country who will be able to assist you when it comes to trying and testing out our surfaces. Please get in touch with the team to find out more about the sites near you.

How do your surfaces compare with your competitors?

We have been manufacturing and supplying riding surfaces for over 35 years, and as such the design of each surface we have developed is informed by years of in-depth research.

We avoid like-for-like comparisons between our surfaces and those of our competitors, as each manufacturer has their own range, with the makeup of each surface produced in accordance with their own specifications and in line with their own standards of quality.

We are passionate about our products and genuinely believe that our surfaces are amongst the highest quality on the market.

We strive to keep the surfaces in our range competitive in price, whilst remaining committed to maintaining the quality for which they are known and recommended.

Our process

Do you offer an Installation Service?

Yes - our team is highly experienced and can manage the planning, design, construction and installation stages of a new arena project.

Do you do site visits?

Yes, we offer a free, no-obligation site visit.

What standards do you adhere to?

We follow strict BS ISO 9001 guidelines for the manufacture and supply of equestrian riding surfaces. This ensures that all products in our range (surfaces and maintenance equipment) are manufactured to the same high-quality standard throughout.

What are your payment terms?

We require full upfront payment on all surface orders, along with a signed order confirmation. This enables us to plan the weeks ahead and helps us to ensure you experience a stress-free and speedy surface delivery.

Do you offer a guarantee?

All of our products are sold with a ‘fit for purpose’ guarantee and are manufactured following the high standards which come with our ISO9001 accreditation. However, there are no written guarantees in place with regards to our surfaces or our graders.

At Equestrian Surfaces Ltd, we have been manufacturing and installing riding surfaces for over 35 years, and we know from experience that if the surface is correctly maintained, with daily and preventative care, it will continue to perform well for at least 5-8 years before any top-up or remedial works are required.

If you have any queries, or if you experience an issue with your surface at any stage, we can assure you that it will be resolved immediately, in line with our customer satisfaction policy.

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