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Equestrian Surfaces were commissioned to build a 60m x 30m (1,800sqM) arena for Caring for Life, in Leeds. Working for a charity who helps homeless and vulnerable persons, it was essential that the construction of the riding arena was undertaken to the highest specification with the lowest amount of disruption.

There was a 4m fall over the 30m width which required a lot of cutting and filling, on top of this we had to contend with very firm ground when constructing the drainage systems and installing the fencing. As you can see from the photos, there is a vast difference from start to finish.

Peter Parkinson, Co Founder stated: “A very big thank you to Equestrian Surfaces for doing such a fantastic job on our new arena. This amazing facility is a real answer to our prayers! This safe surface  will enable our equestrian activities to continue throughout the year, meaning far less disappointments for those people to whom this project has become a lifeline!”

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