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The construction of an outdoor arena is a skill which lots claim to have, but only few possess. Every construction is different from the last, whether it be access, lay of the land, ground conditions or a client’s specific specification. Equestrian Surfaces have undertaken thousands of different contracts and can offer a bespoke service for each client’s needs.

Equestrian Surfaces are experts in the construction of outdoor horse arenas, our installation teams, who are employed directly to the company are able to undertake all nature of works requested with minimal fuss, hassle or inconvenience to the client.

Whether it be for a private client who requires an arena building behind their house or a commercial client who is setting up a new livery or equestrian centre, there is nothing left to chance and nothing that Equestrian Surfaces can’t achieve.

The images below show some outdoor riding arenas which we have built over our previous 28 years of trading.

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