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A New Era

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A New Era

You have probably heard of the company Equestrian Surfaces leading manufacturers in synthetic riding surfaces, but chances are you don’t know who Thomas and James Harper are. However this is all about to change as these two young determined men are set to take the equine surface industry by storm.

Their drive and passion derive from their father Paul, who founded the company in the early eighties. Paul sadly lost his battle with cancer earlier this year, after a career committed to improving surfaces for the industry. However he left behind an incredible platform upon which these two brothers intend to forge the company to greater heights

Do not let their age concern you: the two of them have been involved in the business from a very young age already accumulating a combined experience of 23 years. Add to this their youthful energy, ambition and complimentary skills and you have a perfect stage from which to take the company forward. Together with their strong team of specialists, they realised there are certain fields within the industry which need addressing. So they have decided to commit time and investment into doing just that. It is this level of commitment and attention to detail that sets the company aside from the rest.

Currently the company can boast that their stabilising fibre is home produced; all the sand comes from the same supplier; guaranteeing the consistency of the end product for the client. It is this level of consistency which resulted in Equestrian Surfaces being the only surface company to be accredited by UKAS ISO 9001. This means that Equestrian Surfaces can 100% guarantee that all surfaces meet the highest standards. In addition to this they are environmentally approved, with a promise that all products are 100% manufactured within the UK.

However this is not sufficient for Thomas and James; they strive for even greater success. Together they have put great time and care into both researching and developing their products for the future, with this gaining the confidence of many high profile names in the equestrian world, such as Katie Jerram, Gareth & Rebecca Hughes, Astrid Bolton and Alex Hua Tian.

This overriding passion for what they do and constant development combined with the quality and consistency of their products is what separates Equestrian Surfaces from the rest of the runners and puts them odds on favourites to be the leading surface supplier for many years to come.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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