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Great results to the start of the month for Equestrian Surfaces riders

With the website now going live we are able to constantly update the BLOG and NEWS FEED with information of completed works and sponsored riders results, along with any useful information we feel may be of interest to you.

Great start to the month for Equestrian Surfaces riders, with Alex Hua Tian this weekend coming out on top in the ‘Event Masters’ which was held at Bramham Horse Trials.

“I’m on top of the world,” said Alex, after collecting a cheque for £16,000.

Alex — admitted the money will “probably disappear into the black hole of horses” but he added he might treat himself and girlfriend Sarah Higgins to “something nice”.

Alex and Don Geniro were third after dressage, but took up pole position when the two ahead of them both had the first part of the treble at fence eight down in the showjumping. They therefore ran last in the reverse order cross-country and finished comfortably inside the optimum time to hold their lead.

Also topping the tables was Matt Frost of AM Dressage, who took the top spot in the Premier League Freestyle to Music at Wellington Premier League this weekend, also gaining great results with the beautiful Leo in the advanced medium music coming out in 4th with 75%,  Joey was 2nd in the Grand Prix with 69.5%.  Alex Hua TianMatt Frost

Along with these success stories we have attended the fabulously organised Northcote Young Horse Show, throughout the four days we were able to witness some of the bright new show jumping stars of the future along with meeting old and new clientele. This show is sure to grow and if you are interested i would highly recommend it to be added to your calendar for next year, we will definitely be there.


Finally Sam Ecroyd finished second in the Bishop Burton College U25 CCI*** on his own gelding Wodan III. “He was solid in the show jumping to just have one rail down. I was conscious of the time and a tight turn just made him a little short of power. I came with low expectations as it’s our first time at this level and I had no idea how we’d run. I hope to come back next year, it’s the nicest cross country course I’ve ever ridden round and it really encourages positive riding.”

All of these riders train their horses on Equestrian Surfaces waxed products, and we pride ourselves on following their fantastic success stories .

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