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Holly Sustainability Award


Holly wins Sustainability Award at Themis Inspire & Achieve 2023!

We’re over the moon to announce that this month,  our Project Manager and Net Zero Champion, Holly Lund, was announced the winner of the Sustainability Award at the Themis Inspire & Achieve Awards, 2023.

As our Net Zero Champion, Holly has spent the last few months working extremely hard to pave the way for Equestrian Surfaces to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Holly wins award

Whilst this may seem like a long way off, Holly’s hard work and the training she’s participated in have allowed us to establish a clear roadmap to achieve this goal – by highlighting the importance of making gradual, incremental changes over the course of the next three decades.

The glittering awards evening was held at Burnley Football Club on the 2nd of February. It proved a fantastic opportunity for our team to surround themselves with like-minded businesses across our region – all doing their bit to inspire others and achieve great things.

Holly says, “I had a fantastic night at the Themis Inspire & Achieve Awards, and it was an honour to have been nominated for the Sustainability Award – never mind to have won!

There’s a great deal of work we’re doing behind the scenes at the moment to ensure that Equestrian Surfaces continue paving the way as trailblazers and leaders of sustainable surface solutions. There are numerous plans in the works that we’re eager to implement, ranging from new product innovations to the adoption of lean management methods.

We’ve also been lucky enough to have recently employed nine new international staff members, reducing the carbon emissions previously produced when handling international sales. So it’s a really exciting time for our business!”

“We couldn’t be prouder of Holly for the commitment and dedication she’s shown to helping Equestrian Surfaces achieve our long-term goal of becoming Net Zero,” says Managing Director, James Harper, “Green and sustainable initiatives have been at the forefront of our mission for a number of years now, and Holly’s active involvement in this area of our business has really accelerated us towards our goals.”

“This was the first of several awards we’ve been lucky enough to have been nominated for this year, and we’re proud to have got off to a flying start!”


What is Net Zero?

The ultimate goal of Net Zero is to ensure that the amount of greenhouse gases produced in our operations is no more than the amount we remove. This is considered crucial in mitigating climate change and reducing global warming.

To read more about our pathway to achieving Net Zero success, check out our previous blog post here!

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