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All systems go…

Over the past few weeks our installations teams have been very busy at different sites across the country.

One team headed to Great Yarmouth to extend an existing 43m x 50m to a 60m x 40m outdoor arena and to supply and install 485 tonnes of multi washed silica sand and 18 bales of stabilising fibres.

The other team headed down the M65 to a site in Preston to create a new 60m x 40m outdoor arena and to supply and install 240 tonnes of EconomyTrack.

Both of these surfaces are made up of multi washed silica sand and environmentally approved stabilising fibres. The stabilising fibres will maximise the life span of the surface and will need irrigation through prolonged dry periods.

Another team headed to Kilmarnock to Kinkell Equestrian, where we have supplied and installed 360 tonnes of Soundtrack. Soundtrack is our most recently developed surface. The surface features multi washed silica sand, environmentally approved stabilising fibres, all blended with a high performance wax to give the ultimate comfort for both horse and rider.

We had a team also head to Blackpool to where we supplied 87 tonnes of Waxtrack. Waxtrack is our lowest waxed surface but has all the benefits of a waxed surface.



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8 Wheeler Tip Lorry Dimensions - Length: 9.8m, Width: 3m, Height: 3.8m, Max Tip Height: 9m Articulated Lorry Dimensions - Length: 14.2m, Width: 3m, Height: 4m, Max Tip Height: 11m