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Huge All-Weather Equestrian Surfaces Arena for David Broome Event Centre

At Equestrian Surfaces, we’re pleased to have received good reports from happy riders who have been practicing and eventing at the David Broome Event Centre in Caldicot, Wales.

After opening on Saturday 6th April 2019, the 100m x 72m synthetic all-weather surface was christened by the competitors of the unaffiliated junior winter league finals, and has since been used by many happy jumpers, who have praised the new arena.

The space is big enough to accommodate two good-sized rings, and will even be able to incorporate a third, should it be needed, in busy training periods.

With an increased versatility, along with the additional riding space that has now been afforded by the new arena, the centre was encouraged towards plans to install new facilities and obstacles, including a Derby Bank, Devil’s Dyke and Table, which have all now been completed.


State-of-the-art Technology

The NAF-sponsored Magic All-Weather Arena at the David Broome Event Centre has been constructed with Equestrian Surfaces’ “Ebb & Flow” system, which is a computer-controlled system with the ability to affect and maintain the moisture content within the surface, allowing for year-round use even in adverse weather conditions.

On top of a high-tech moisture control system sits a surface comprised of a unique blend of Redhill sand and environmentally-approved synthetic fibres. The “Premier Track” is a bespoke, high-performance surface which has been designed with stability, support and practicality in mind, requiring minimal maintenance due to its robust make-up and hardwearing qualities.


Space for Development  

David Broome commented: “It’s a two-way relationship. It is all about giving something back to the riders and it’s nice for people to see we are investing their money wisely. It’s nice for them to be able to come back each year and see something new. It’s always good to see progress.”

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