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Leading Show Jumper Nigel Coupe gets a re vamp!

Leading showjumper Nigel Coupe chooses to go with Equestrian Surfaces Ltd for a refurbishment of their indoor arena .

The indoor arena was feeling tired and the surface was not giving the energy return Nigel thought it should for the training which was taking place on the indoor. The surface was installed some years ago from a competitor, and the surface over time had become tried and compact, this is common with a lot of waxed surfaces. When this happens the surface will not give any energy return and is quite unforgiving on the horses limbs, this becomes even more apparent when jumping. In worst case senario horses loose their confidence over time.

Following a site visit we found the best course of action was to remove the excess fibre which had accumulated over time, and then break up the compacted waxed surface, this took some time, it was then re levelled and graded for immediate use. From the pictures you can see the difference and you can see the more loosened surface which has been performing great since completion ! 

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