Economy Track

Economytrack is one of the first fully synthetic Equestrian Surfaces.

Economy Track was designed for the rider who wants the advantages of a pre mixed surface at an economical price. The stabilising fibres maximize the life span of the surface and create a quality surface sympathetic with both horse and rider.

Economy Track is made up from environmentally approved stabilising fibre with a multi washed silica sand, evenly mixed and manufactured so the end product is second to none. This surface will require irrigation in prolonged dry periods.


Stuart Reeve, Patchetts Equestrian Centre; “We have the Economytrack surface installed on our outdoor ‘Clubhouse Arena’, since installing it in 2005 the arena has been used regularly for national and international events. It performs well in all conditions as the surface holds the moisture in the dry conditions meaning there is less irrigation than with other dry surfaces.”

Project Images