Sound Track

The waxed surface range

Designed to promote soundness and user confidence.

At Equestrian Surfaces Ltd, we are passionate about remaining at the forefront of product innovation and business development, and Sound Track is our most recently-developed synthetic riding surface. 

With the design and composition informed by three years of in-depth research alongside gait analysis expert Russel Guire from Centaur Biomechanics, Sound Track is comprised of two grades of quality silica sand blended with synthetic stabilising fibres, and is reliable for supporting fast movement and providing security in turns. 

Sound Track’s elite provision of comfort, shock absorption, support and energy return has led to the surface becoming renowned for promoting soundness in horses.



  • Suitable for all disciplines 
  • Suited to indoor and outdoor use 
  • Developed to promote soundness and provide cushioning and stability 
  • Ideal for private professionals and yards of up to 40 horses 
  • Popular with competition centres, RDA riders and colleges 
  • Consistent, safe and reliable 
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Tried and Tested

Firmly endorsed by Kingswood Equestrian, Moody Dressage, Simon Constable Vets, Hughes Dressage, Will Oakden Eventing, Christopher Burton Eventing, and Astrid Bolton Sport Horses, our Sound Track surface helps to prevent lower-limb injuries and has been designed with the welfare of your horse in mind.

Best used for


Daily Usage (high impact) 3 Star
Ease of Maintenance 4 Star
Longevity 4 Star
Dressage 5 Star
Eventing / Multi-discipline 4 Star
Gallop / Training 0 Star
Lunge pen 3 Star
Polo 0 Star
Racing 0 Star
Showjumping 4 Star
Used & loved by

Mike Winter

“Our new surface performs very well in all weather conditions and all our horses feel amazing on it, giving confidence to young horses just finding their balance, all the way up to top international horses.”

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Keep your surface performing at its best

We’ll help to maintain your surface

Carrying out thorough and regular maintenance on your surface is the only way to guarantee its longevity and to ensure it continues to offer the best support, cushioning and energy return, helping to prevent injury and keep your horse safe.

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