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Which is the best surface for showjumping?

In order to perform well, it’s important that both horse and rider are completely confident in their footing when jumping, and the best way to ensure confidence is to invest in a surface that can provide a consistent footing and security in take-offs and landings – one which is well-suited to the discipline. 


What are the main qualities of a good showjumping surface? 

The ideal showjumping surface needs to be firm yet responsive, providing a secure footing to allow the horse to push off well behind the jump and land safely. A surface that is used for showjumping should also disperse energy imposed by the horse upon take-off and landing which will limit the harm of repetitive strain injuries caused by jarring.

Additionally, a surface suited to showjumping will; 

  • Be stable and supportive 
  • Offer good cushioning and traction 
  • Provide optimal levels of impact absorption and energy distribution 
  • Reduce the risk of injury and damage to ligaments 
  • Reduce straining or unnecessary fatigue


Should I buy a waxed or a non-waxed surface for showjumping? 

As a showjumper, both waxed and non-waxed surface options will be available to you. The surface that is best suited to your requirements will be dependent upon how much footfall the surface will see on a daily basis, and how regularly you’re willing to irrigate and grade it. The location of your surface (i.e. indoors or outdoors) is also an important factor to consider, as are your budget and, generally, your own personal preferences. 


Our experts recommend: 

Cushion Track Premier 

Providing high levels of shock absorption, along with excellent cushioning and support, Cushion Track Premier is our premium surface well suited to busy equestrian schools and competition centres. 

Cushion Track Classic 

Requiring minimal maintenance and suited to indoor or outdoor placement, Cushion Track Classic is both responsive and highly durable, designed for high-level use and heavy daily footfall. 

Premier Track 

Offering a high-grade, professional surface teamed with our Ebb & Flow automatic sub-surface drainage and irrigation system, Premier Track has been developed with consistency, stability and ease of maintenance in mind.


Used & loved by 

Grace Wallace – Competitor at Liverpool International Horse Show 2019 

“Surface is such an important factor in how horses perform. I’m very thankful to the team at Equestrian Surfaces who kept the ground impeccable at Liverpool International Horse Show. As a rider, it really does give you peace of mind that the surface is of such high quality, particularly when our horses’ wellbeing is our utmost priority.”

A bit about us 

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality equestrian surfaces for over 35 years, we have a number of both waxed and non-waxed surface options available which are well suited to the discipline of showjumping, offering a firm and responsive footing whilst providing security on take-off and support upon landing. 

Ready to make a start on planning for the construction of your new showjumping arena? Looking for a surface top-up, or interested in the supply and installation services we offer? Contact a member of our team today on 01282 834970, and we will be more than happy to help you with selecting your surface.


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