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Which is the best eventing surface?

As eventing includes a combination of multiple equestrian disciplines, the surface used needs to be both dynamic and adaptable, with the ability to offer comfort and support in the complex movements of dressage, whilst also providing cushioning, impact absorption, energy return and durability for the jumping elements. 


What are the main qualities of a good eventing surface? 

When it comes to eventing, both in training and in competition, it’s common practice for the surface to be opened up so that it may ride slightly deeper, facilitating the dynamic lateral movements of dressage, and then made tighter and firmer to provide the correct support for jumping. 

With this in mind, it’s important to select a surface that’s not only adaptable but also durable enough to withstand the more regular harrowing required to vary the conditions for the ranging demands of the eventing discipline. 


Should I buy a waxed or a non-waxed surface for eventing? 

As an eventer, you will be able to select from a range of both waxed and non-waxed surfaces. The surface that is best suited to your needs will be dependent on a number of key factors, including the amount of footfall the surface will see on a daily or weekly basis, and how regularly you’re willing to irrigate and grade it. The location of your surface (i.e. indoors or outdoors) is also important to consider, as this will ultimately determine the level and regularity of maintenance required. 


Our experts recommend: 

Cushion Track Classic 

Designed for high-level use and heavy footfall, Cushion Track Classic is a quality waxed surface which provides excellent levels of support, stability and cushioning. 

Premier Track 

Offering a high-grade, professional surface teamed with our Ebb & Flow automatic sub-surface drainage and irrigation system, Premier Track has been developed with consistency, stability and ease of maintenance in mind.

Economy Track

Our cost-effective, non-waxed surface option which is pre-mixed in our warehouse for optimal consistency and performance. 


Used & loved by 

Alex Hua Tian, Olympic Eventing Rider 

“Having evaluated a number of options, what sold us on Equestrian Surfaces was the fact that they manufacture their own fibres, and all of their surfaces are mixed in-house, allowing them complete control over their surface components and ultimately reducing the risk of any inconsistencies in the mix. 

“Cushion Track Classic was definitely the right choice for our indoor arena, and we continue to rely on the surface for the confidence it offers to our riders.”  


A bit about us 

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, our surfaces are trusted and relied upon by both private and professional riders across the globe for the support they provide, and the quality and durability they offer. 

Ready to make a start on planning for the construction of your new eventing arena? Looking for a surface top-up, or interested in the supply and installation services we offer? Contact a member of our team today on 01282 834970, and we will be more than happy to help you with selecting your surface.


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