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Which is the best surface for arena polo?

As a high-impact, fast-paced sport, polo can be particularly tough on a horse’s joints, making the risk of injury relatively high. 

Investing in a fast surface which provides optimal grip and can keep up with the pace of the sport is key if you want to reduce the risk of soft tissue damage in your horse’s limbs. 


What are the main qualities of a good polo arena surface? 

The main thing to bear in mind when purchasing a polo arena surface is that the horses using it will be moving around quickly, whilst also coming to a stop and making turns at high speed, so the surface needs to have enough give to allow for such movement, whilst not being so soft as to force the horses to work harder through the surface, or cause injury. 

The ideal polo surface will be rolled tight, providing the perfect platform for the horse to push off from and allowing the horse to gather momentum, whilst also providing support in turns and offering a consistency which enables the ball to travel smoothly. 


Should I buy a waxed or a non-waxed surface for arena polo? 

Whilst both options are available to you, we would recommend purchasing a waxed surface for your polo arena. Not only are waxed surfaces more durable, making them able to withstand the heavy footfall that comes with training and competing in the sport, but they also require minimal maintenance and irrigation. 


Our experts recommend: 

Cushion Track Premier 

Providing excellent cushioning and high levels of shock absorption, Cushion Track Premier supports freedom of movement and provides security for turns at high speed. 


A bit about us 

The surfaces in our range which are well suited to polo have been developed using state-of-the-art technology and designed to provide high levels of support and energy distribution and return, thereby optimising performance. 

With a dedicated team on hand to answer any of your questions, we draw upon our 35 years of industry experience to provide sound advice and guidance on which surface will be best suited to your needs. 

Ready to make a start on planning for the construction of your new polo arena? Looking for a surface top-up, or interested in the supply and installation services we offer? Contact a member of our team today on 01282 834970, and we will be more than happy to help you with selecting your surface.

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