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Vauxhall City Farm
Case Study
Wax Track, Surface Supply, Installation, Construction

Surface replacement for a city-centre arena

Situated in the heart of London, the team at Vauxhall City Farm has a community-driven vision, using the setting of their urban farm to provide a wide range of educational, recreational and therapeutic support programmes and activities that can be enjoyed by all.

Due to the site’s location, there were several obstacles for our team to overcome in order to complete this project, but we rose to the challenge and managed to finish the job within five days!

The new surface in our riding arena has enhanced our riders’ experience.

- Monica, Vauxhall City Farm

“This project required us to put a full road management system in place, and it was a pleasure to work alongside Amberon to do so,” says Equestrian Surfaces Director, Tom Harper. “This allowed us to get on with the job behind the barriers whilst the Amberon team managed the flow of traffic and pedestrians around the site.

“We were also thankful to be able to work alongside Lambert Council, who suspended parking on the street so that our wagon would be able to access the site with minimal complication to unload and reload when necessary.”

Having removed the original surface, the Equestrian Surfaces team installed a new Eco-Grid drainage system along with a new 220g membrane, before laying 160 tonnes of our Wax Track surface.

“This project took a great deal of organising, and it was a fantastic team effort for all involved. Not only did we have to adapt in order to overcome potential issues with site access, but our work was also put under strict time constraints, which our team dutifully adhered to, working between the hours of 7.30am to 6pm each day to see the project completed in five days.”

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